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Some of you know me in real life and many more of you do not but most of those who do know my family has more than a few plumbers in it and maybe that is how this all came about in my mind. Much of my early learning both of the biznuss world and weed haha came to me on those special saturdays @ work with Dad and so this blahgg is for him and all the other plumbers in the fam much love.

even if you don't know me.. most of you do know where I'm from.. it's Jerz! a state where for many years and the majority of my life both cannabis and marijuana alike remained illegal even though many citizens saw thru the fallacy of the government narratives about cannabis presented to us as the whole truth.. here we are now even after weed has been 'legalized' for more than 2 years we still have a situation where only mega weed corp can grow cannabis

As I sit hereon da beach I drift off to another place.. 

Our government(s) they get some things right and manyyy others wrong sadly we know all that and still have to live in this world. our government(s) do not define us even as they pass laws to restrict our freedoms wage wars in our names and all the other evils we don't know of.. and like you might even be right to say as far as humans and gov'ts go.. this (pick one) one is one of the better ones.. and I'd say well it is a low bar to clear or something along those lines

so I take you to a place that only exists deep in the dank corner of my mind -- Blerz

think of the Rick n Morty or some similar sci fi of your choosing.. it's an alternate timeline.. like the Jerz we all know and love but with one key difference in Blerz one of the things the gov't REALLY got wrong was indoor plumbing.. I know crazy right? but in this wild fictional world of Blerz -- no one can legally poop inside their own home

some shits left over from 1940's pre-war era where in this timeline a wartime porcelin shortage became what many in this world's nations knew as brown laws.. with the govts so broken and dealing with 'real' probs (wars) nearly 70 plus years later in many locales these brown laws stayed in place as dumb as they sounded to us now.