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page updated 10/6/2019

This page refers mostly to my personal experience using Veriheal to get my NJ Medical Marijuana card recently. Some information here may be about other states where noted.

What are the fees?

Veriheal collects $199 and the New Jersey Department of Health collects $100 to add you into the Medical Marijuana Program process your application and send your card to you. Some applicants may qualify for discounted registration fees of $20 to the state.

full disclosure receives a small fee for referrals to Veriheal

Does the doctor Need my Medical Records?

That is probably up to the doctor Veriheal connects you with to perform the consultation. In my case the medical records were not required but that could be different in your case.

How long does the process take?

The process for me was very quick from scheduling the appointment with Veriheal to having the card in my hand took about 16 days. Veriheal was able schedule the appointment for the day after I signed up. Then after the consult with the doctor I received my recommendation letter just a day later and was able to submit my information to the state for approval. Just a few days later they contacted me about one of the documents that I provided needed to show the date. Once I was able to correct that issue my card was approved later that day and in my hand just one week later.

How long is my Medical Marijuana Prescription valid for?

In my case I was initially approved for a 3 month prescription because I had started this process before the new law had taken effect. Recently the doctor contacted me to follow up and was able to extend my prescription for the next year without me even asking about it first.

updated info: new NJ Department of Health reulations require an additional appointment in order to raise patient monthly purcahsing limits you will need to see the doctor for another appointment. According to my contact at Veriheal appoinments like this will be granted a discounted rate of $75. If you need help like this please reach out to me using the contact form below and I will help.

How does the online doctor Consultation work?

At the scheduled time you’ll login to Veriheal web portal that will connect you via video or text chat with a doctor who will perform the consultation. The doctor will speak with you about your condition and determine if you qualify for the NJ Medical Marijuana Program. If approved by the doctor you’ll soon receive a recommendation letter that you will then use to apply for the program with the state.

Does Veriheal handle the application process with the state?

No. Once you have the recommendation letter Veriheal gives you detailed instructions on where to proceed to start the application process. 

You’ll need the following as per the state website:

  • Reference No
  • State Approved ID 
  • Photo to appear on your card
  • Proof of NJ residence

How much with my monthly Medical Marijuana limit be?

This is something that is also up to the doctor. In my case I was initially approved for one ounce limit per 30 days. It may differ for you based on your specific health conditions.

I don’t live in New Jersey can Veriheal still help me get a Medical Marijuana Card in my state?

Yes if available in your state Veriheal using tele-medicine will connect you with a doctor that can help you. However depending on the laws in your state it may be required that you visit with a doctor in person. 

updated info: You must be a New Jersey resident to obtain a NJMMP card. At this time NJ medical dispensaries do not practice any Medical card reciprosity with other states so to purchase at a NJ ATC you will need a NJMMP card.

What are some of the benefits of Veriheal doctors instead of a traditional doctor visit?

For me mainly the ease of use factor was most important. Scheduling an appointment with a new doctor then traveling to an appointment waiting more waiting.. None of that really appeals to me. Veriheal scheduled an appointment for me the next day after I registered with them and I was able to submit my information to the state for approval 24 hours later.

Have you had contact with the Veriheal doctor after the initial consultation?

Yes. My Veriheal doctor followed up with recently just last week in fact and based our discussion was able to increase my monthly limit.

updated info: this was the case for me however new regulations require an additional appointment in order to raise patient monthly purcahsing limits



I already have a valid medical marijuana card. My prescription has expired. The charges to extend the prescription seem expensive. The cost starts for a 1 month extention of $100 and goes up from there. Is this normal? Is there a cheaper alternative. Thank you.

Charles palmadesso

good question I have seen $100 as the renewal cost for a few providers but I would think there are some who do it for less wish I could be more help..

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